Virtual Private Networks
Highest level of security and
High-speed Internet

EmpowerVPN is Singapore's premier technology and solution for providing. EmpowerVPN delivers unrestricted VPN connectivity worldwide, protecting your personal information such as location data, identity, and Internet browsing history.

  • Easy to start

    No technical knowledge is required. Just register and get started with a simple setup!

  • Compatible with any devices

    EmpowerVPN can be used on any device; with a single subscription, you can download and use the VPN app on all your devices.

  • High speed and secure

    Our high-speed network allows you to enjoy secure and free Internet from servers in another countries around the world.

Anonymous and secure global access.
Unlimited, no-stress Internet.

Users are free to use our network.
Enjoy the freedom online anywhere from servers in another countries around the world.
We also provide a network that allows users to freely access videos,
music, social networking sites, etc.
Around the world, ignoring contents restrictions and other regulations in each country.
We provide a hidden VPN access method for accessing countries with strict regulations.

EmpowerVPN is a service that puts the protection of user privacy and anonymity first!

We do not keep a log of your following information and will not provide any details about you,
even if requested to do so by a third party.
We do not allow tracking.

  • IP address

  • Website accessed

  • Browsing history

  • Connect time

  • Bandwidth

  • Use of
    VPN connection

Instant online protection
Protects you from ads and malware

EmpowerVPN has the industry’s best-in-class encryption to secure and protect your device and security features. This provides even more secure and even faster Internet.

Even when you are not using a VPN, digital security is just one click away, protecting you from hackers, anti-malware, trackers, ads, and worries about accessing malicious URLs, not to mention hacker access.

High-speed VPN connection

Secure, yet as fast as a regular Internet connection.
Our innovative solutions allow you to stream and access content without interruption, download content, surf the web, and chat online.

Can be used with 3 devices
at the same time.
Supports a wide variety of devices

We support a variety of devices including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and routers.
If you own multiple devices, don’t worry. You can use up to 3 devices at the same time and protect your devices.

24-hour customer support
365 days a year

EmpowerVPN offers standard customer support with any VPN contract of any plan. Please check the “Frequently Asked Questions” first, and if the problem persists, please contact us. Our customer support team will assist you in creating a comfortable Internet environment.